Drinking and eating at Machida Nakamachi

BeerHouse “ALNILAM”
1 Chome-19-5 Nakamachi,Machida-shi
1F, 1 Chome-16-11 Nakamachi,Machida-shi
Zenryoku Chunen
3F, 1 Chome-16-11 Nakamachi,Machida-shi
Yakiniku, “Ushi-no-e”
2F, 1 Chome-18-16 Nakamachi,Machida-shi
Free Wi-Fi and many outlets, “SUN’S CAFE”
1 Chome-17-11 Nakamachi,Machida-shi
Esteeming employment opportunity for the challenged, “Swan Cafe & Bakery the first outlet in Machida”.
3 Chome-7-17 Nakamachi,Machida-shi
Hand-rolled sushi, bowl of rice topped with sashimi, “Sushimasa”
1 Chome-17-4 Nakamachi,Machida-shi
Delicious Okinawan home cuisine, “Kanasando”
1 Chome-21-16 Nakamachi,Machida-shi
Japanese-style bar using fresh fishes manager himself fished, “Kuinomiya Toki”
1 Chome-15-9 Nakamachi,Machida-shi
Fresh sashimi and Chinese cuisine, “Shusen dining Sai”
1 Chome-29-19 Nakamachi,Machida-shi
Japanese-style bar with foods in Kyushu region and giblets cooked in a hot pot, “Kyushuya”
1 Chome-16-14 Nakamachi,Machida-shi
Italian restaurant which can party up to 80 guests, “trattoria MARIE”
1 Chome-1-15 Nakamachi,Machida-shi
Hokkaido-featured ramen, “Ramen Oyaji Machida shop”
1 Chome-19-1 Nakamachi,Machida-shi
Free delivery and take-out curry and rice, “Curry house CoCo Ichibanya Machida Nakamachi shop”
1 Chome-16-11 Nakamachi,Machida-shi
Eel dishes, seasonal cuisine and sake. “Sanyomo”
1 Chome-17-7 Nakamachi,Machida-shi

Shopping at Machida Nakamachi

Clothes cleaning “Sentakuou”
3 Chome-5-10 Nakamachi,Machida-shi
Japanese tea, laver, eating utensils, chandleries, “Oyajien”
1 Chome-29-19 Nakamachi,Machida-shi
Fresh fishes from fish market, “UOTEI”
1 Chome-19-6 Nakamachi,Machida-shi
Branded pork and chicken “Hijikaka butcher shop”
1 Chome-17-10 Nakamachi,Machida-shi
Photoprint and abundant cigarettes, “Sugai Shashin Shoji”
1 Chome-29-18 Nakamachi,Machida-shi
Buyback of antiques in cash and disposal, “Recycle house Yuho”
3 Chome-8-11 Nakamachi,Machida-shi
Delivering service for rice, alcohol and heating oil, “Katano”
1 Chome-18-3 Nakamachi,Machida-shi
Community-based convenience store, “Family Mart Machida Nakamachi shop”
1 Chome-18-3 Nakamachi,Machida-shi
Fresh fruits and vegetables, “Suzuki vegetable shop”
1 Chome-17-10 Nakamachi,Machida-shi
Wholesale of vegetables and fruits, “Mitsuya”
4 Chome-14-25 Morino,Machida-shi
Handmade Japanese cake and bean paste “Minorian”
3 Chome-8-5 Nakamachi,Machida-shi
Deliverable flowers, “Tsuchiya flower shop”
1 Chome-30-2 Nakamachi,Machida-shi
50 instruments are being exhibited, and 20000 scores, “Suganami instrumental shop”
1 Chome-1-13 Nakamachi,Machida-shi
Sales of merchandising about Italian cars like “Alfa Romeo”, “auto galleria MARIE”
1 Chome-1-15 Nakamachi,Machida-shi