Health and Pet and Learning

Places for health, beauty care and pet at Machida Nakamachi

Hair salon since 1942, “Nishiki hair salon”

1-18-1 Machida,Machida-shi

Men’s Barber shop that provide haircut and refreshing with confidence, “Kami WZA”

1-19-1 Nakamachi,Machida-shi

Barber shop until 8:00 p.m. “Barber Etou”

1-18-1 Nakamachi,Machida-shi

1-day cataract operation, “Konari ophthalmological clinic”

1-17-3 Nakamachi,Machida-shi

Acupuncture and moxibustion, finger pressure massage, “Machida Shibahiro osteopathic clinic”

1-17-11 Nakamachi,Machida-shi

“Nakamachi internal medical clinic and surgery”

3-15-17 Nakamachi,Machida-shi

For cavity and dental makeover “Machida Kokomae dental clinic”

4-13-22 Nakamachi,Machida-shi

For dogs and cats, “Ryu animal hospital;”

3-8-7 Nakamachi,Machida-shi

Learnable and sportive spots at Machida Nakamachi

Hoshino-ouji Tsubasa Heroes Corporation

3-6-12 Nakamachi,Machida-shi

“Educational corporation Enomoto Gakuen Machida specialty school for cooks”

1-13-1 Nakamachi,Machida-shi

We teach the cornerstone of all subjects, Japanese, and calculation, “Sennen Kobo”

1-30-8 Nakamachi,Machida-shi

6 coursed pool each length are 25 meters , dance for children, aerobics and yoga, “Sports at home youth Machida”

1-19-1 Nakamachi,Machida-shi